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Kitchen Dance Sketch

September 3, 2013

Kitchen-danceThe quote below made me laugh so I had to sketch the scene…

“Sometimes the only cure for what ails you is a 3AM dance party in the kitchen, preferably with hats.”
Nicola Taylor, Tales from the Moors Country

Bee-Bear Study: Teasers

September 2, 2013

teasersIf you’re gonna be a bug… be a honey wielding bee and have a bit o’ fun teasing a black bristly bear.

Illustration Friday—Lush

August 31, 2013

lush-again“She’s back, our lovely ‘lush‘ Lucretia!” grumbled the mischief of mice. “When we were discussing our print preferences she was lounging luxuriously on a plush duvet downing Drambuie and Scotch mumbling something about satisfaction and ‘Donald Sutherland’…”

Illustration Friday—Rescue

August 28, 2013

rescueSometimes even “Super Mouse” needs a hand of “rescue.”

Illustration Friday—Power

August 23, 2013
Bear. Bee. Power.

Bear. Bee. Power.

Sweet Sirens—beautiful, dangerous, powerful Muses of the world below—I will call them Parthenope, Ligeia and Lucretia,” declared the young bear. “I have ‘power’ over their luring song simply by silencing their buzz with their very own wax place firmly in my fuzzy ears… Alas, not a buzz do I hear but songs of silence. The only evidence they buzz aloft… sweet honey.”

Illustration Friday—Jump

May 2, 2012


The Kentucky Derby, where man pushes beast to “jump” hooves through hoops, is upon us. I’m not a fan for so many reasons, but Friday is the Oaks, which is a race only for fillies and spectators are encouraged to wear pink to save the ta-tas. This one’s for the girls both horse and rider because fast girls do it in pink, wearing heels, donning hats, shrouded in flowers.

And go Oaks Lily—At 50 to 1 with silks of pink, you’re my girl! Stay safe!

Illustration Friday—Puzzled

April 13, 2012

Eenie and Meenie seemed “puzzled.” How on earth did Miny catch that kitty by the tail without the help of Moe? Hmmm, Hickory, Dickory, Dock…

“Eenie, Meenie, & Miney caught a kitty” is a class assignment where we had to create a digital painting in photoshop. I used the Wacom Cintiq 12WX. I tried it a year ago and just didn’t feel the love. This time, yikes. Loved it! For me, this assignment was like eating chocolate cake, simply yummy.